Mark S, London

Mark S, London

"So, this one fact has proved to myself that Tapping works and I have removed these long standing negative affirmations that led me to be a social smoker. I no longer need it's comfort. And I didn't have to do a thing about it." Click to Read More

Tapping the Healer Within

Tapping the Healer Within is a good book, and Roger Callahan is an excellent writer. However TFT as taught in the book has been far superceded by EFT.

Thought Field Therapy is the technique that Callahan invented and teaches in Tapping the Healer Within, and it is way more complicated than Emotional Freedom Technique as taught on this website. Both techniques are effective to an equal degree.

For practical use of Tapping, you are far better off reading Tap Yourself Free. It will give you the understanding of your emotional system and your negative feelings and beliefs that you need to use Tapping in your daily life.

Itís difficult to learn the Tapping sequence from any book, although Tapping the Healer Within contains great diagrams and clear instructions. Itís much easier to learn from a video though - you can start tapping right away with the videos on this site.

There is no benefit to learning TFT when you can learn EFT. You can use them both on the same problems and they tend to have the same level of effectiveness.

However, Tapping the Healer Within gives you a great understanding of the emotional system and the way energy techniques such as EFT and TFT release trapped energy.

Thought Field Therapy combines acupuncture points from Oriental Medicine with Body Centered Psychotherapy, all of which is nicely explained in Tapping the Healer Within.

Learning Tapping from a book like Tapping the Healer Within is not the easiest way, it is far better to have someone guide you through it. Even the most experienced healers can have difficulty treating themselves, and see other healers for precisely this reason. When you are starting out it can be particularly difficult. The next best thing from seeing someone in private is to use video tutorials such as the ones on this site.

The difference between EFT and TFT as taught in Tapping the Healer Within is that for TFT there are many different Ďrecipesí for tapping procedures. EFT uses the same tapping procedure each time and is just as effective. All that is needed is to direct the mindís attention by verbalising the problem. Learning particular recipes such as those in Tapping the Healer Within for each different problem is unnecessary. It also seems doubtful that a particular problem would have the same tapping sequence for everyone. Peopleís energy systems are as diverse as people themselves.

Overall I would recommend Tapping the Healer Within if you really want a thorough understanding of your energy system, although there are certainly better books to start with. As a practical guide Tap Yourself Free is a lot better to get started with.

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