Rachel T, Bristol

Rachel T, Bristol

"I was really impressed by how relaxed it made me feel. It was deeply comforting, and I felt warm and safe - like swimming in hot chocolate." Click to Read More

Online Resources

Here are some of the best online resources for Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • spiritcoach.ch
    Andy Bryce is an EFT Master in Canada.

  • advancedtherapies.co.uk
    Wayne Ennis is based in the UK but offers sessions by telephone and over the internet.

  • richardmackenzie.co.uk
    Richard uses EFT in conjunction with hypnosis, and offers a book and MP3 on his site.

  • placeofhealing.com
    Randy offers Tap-Along videos and Saturday morning teleclasses.

  • achievewithhypnosis.com
    Najat Fares Kessler is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

  • eftemotionalfreedomtechnique.com
    Step-by-Step Directions to use EFT from EFT Practitioner Pamela McDowell.

  • emotionalfreedom.com
    Richard Ross offers EFT and deep healing and distance healing work.

  • heartsensetherapies.co.uk
    Heartsense Therapies offer EFT in conjunction with Colour Therapy and Aromatherapy.

  • hypnostressmanager.co.uk
    Andrew Spence offers solutions for stress and related problems.

  • eft-emotionalfreedomtechnique.com
    A Unique and Spectacular Self-Help Tool that has already provided thousands with relief from pain, diseases and emotional issues. Great advice on how EFT can help you live your life without emotional or physical pain. You will find the Best selection of EFT products available at EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique.

  • eft-therapy.com
    A New Zealand based site full of useful tips on using EFT on a wide range of subjects.

  • carollook.com
    Carol Look sells some very popular products on using EFT for Abundance, Weight Loss, and Quitting Smoking.

  • theeftcentre.com
    Sue and Emma are the EFT angels of London, they are EFT Masters, and highly qualified therapists and trainers.

  • emotional-health.co.uk
    Gwyneth Moss is another EFT Master offering private sessions and training in the North of England.

  • maggieadkins.com
    Maggie is an EFT Master in Australia, she has some interesting articles on EFT.

  • eftdownunder.com
    Dr David Lake and Steve Wells are also in Australia. They have a great free report on 'Simple Energy Techniques'.

  • 123eft.com
    123 EFT have a great page on the '2 Minute Release' technique which is very effective and great to use when you don't have the time for the full EFT technique.

  • thrivingnow.com
    Rick Wilkes has many informative articles talking about different applications of EFT.

  • efttips.com
    Carol Solomon has lots of advice on her site for anyone looking to use EFT for weight loss.

  • gettingthru.org
    Phillip and Jane Mountrose discuss the wider context of holistic healing.

  • eftupdate.com
    Learn about Dr Patricia Carrington's innovative Choices method for EFT.

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