Mark S, London

Mark S, London

"So, this one fact has proved to myself that Tapping works and I have removed these long standing negative affirmations that led me to be a social smoker. I no longer need it's comfort. And I didn't have to do a thing about it." Click to Read More

Killing Procrastination

I've been meaning to produce this video for ages, and I finally got round to it. It's easier to get round to things when you have tapped away the feelings of not wanting to do them.

Procrastination is a big challenge for some people, and it seems to have been a hard issue for the Self Improvement community to deal with. The usual technique is to chunk tasks into smaller tasks, or focus on the end result and the next step.

This shows that most people just don't understand what Procrastination is about, probably because it's such a woolly term. There are usually many different reasons why we procrastinate a certain task, but all of them are EMOTIONAL. We are avoiding the way we think we're going to feel when we are doing something or have completed it.

So... choose a task that you keep procrastinating. The way you are with one thing is the way you are with everything, so once you have done a few you'll find that procrastination is much less of a problem for you.

With new clients I like to start with Tidying Your Room or House, or your desk, and doing the Washing Up. Tax Returns are also pretty popular.

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