Yuri T, Florida

Yuri T, Florida

"I am increasingly feeling more positive about people around me, and mainly myself. Now, I am nailing 30-40 negative beliefs a day. Some of these were hidden deeply inside me." Click to Read More


Thanks for finding my site. The biggest two questions people have by the time they get to this page are

1) Does Tapping really work?
2) Who are you and how are you qualified to help me?

Yes, Tapping does really work. Read the Success Stories on this site, and numerous case studies on Gary Craig's site. The only way you'll know for sure though is to try it for yourself.

Tapping is as reliable as flicking a light switch. You can switch a negative feeling off easily, and it works every time. You have to watch carefully as it's a very subtle effect. But if you do a lot, that subtle effect becomes profoundly life-changing.

Imagine a whole city of lights, you wouldn't notice if one was switched off. But what if you switched off a whole street? What if some of the lights were on the same circuit.

Most people are able to focus on one feeling and see Tapping work right away. Sadly the people who can't do this, and who don't 'believe' in it, are the people who tend to need it the most.

I don't feel that it is my job to convince you, because only you can convince yourself, when you are open to the possibility of changing. But if you tap, it will work for you.

I have no relevant qualifications, no formal training, and no intention of acquiring either.

What I do have is happiness, a balanced emotional state, healthy relationships and financial freedom. Tapping has played a major part in allowing me to achieve all of these.

You can't help someone overcome a problem if you have the same problem as them. No amount of framed certificates on the wall can guarantee that a therapist will not bring their own issues to the table when they are working with you.

My aim for Tapping.com is to make it as easy as possible for you to start Tapping. That's the idea with the video on the front page, it's as close as you can get online to actually seeing a practitioner. Website visitors can click play and be tapping right away.

It is my intention to make as much information as possible available for free. I've been told I could be selling the videos on the site as a $100 DVD set, but I know that would deny them from a lot of people.

All you need will be available in the free videos and articles on the site. I am also offering further paid ways to accelerate your learning and progress in the form of personalised coaching in London. I have also written a book that will be available soon, and in the future group workshops and DVDs.

Tapping has changed my life, and I hope it will change yours too.


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